Work Experience

  • Software Engineer (Jan 2018 - Present)
    Brain Station 23 Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Migrated the entire CRM module into RESTful web services for faster performance and better reusability.
    • Improved sales order price calculation functionality with options to store price calculation breakdown.
    • Implemented order sharing functionality and synchronization among different companies.
    • Optimized real-time operation dashboard and planning module performance by replacing process blocking tasks with asynchronous tasks.
    • Worked in customer service section to implement email chain communication of support tickets.
    • Introduced both company and role-based access control configuration.
    • Managed hotfix releases and deployment of applications in several environments.

  • Junior Software Engineer (Jul 2016 - Dec 2017)
    Brain Station 23 Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Participated in design and development of initial CRM, planning and operation modules.
    • Implemented batch processing of normal and credit invoices in invoice module.
    • Developed news module and dynamic price settings section for orders.
    • Handled multiple time zones and daylight savings impact on the entire application.
    • Maintained and updated existing application API endpoints.
    • Identified some major bugs in the application and gave stable release fixes.
    • Reviewed and refactored existing code to improve code quality.



  • TEQ - Fleet Management System (
    • Description: A multi-tenant Norway based application to conduct employee-to-administration and customer-to-driver communication to conduct transportation service throughout the country. The main components of the system are the web admin portal, web driver portal, web customer portal, Android and iOS driver app.
    • Responsibilities: Developed major functionalities for CRM, trip planning, trip sharing, real-time operation dashboard, customer support, invoicing, user role management, news section, cron jobs, customer portal, driver portal etc.
    • Technology: Python, Django, Django REST, Celery, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, Google Firebase Authentication, Google Firebase Firestore Database, Google Firebase Cloud Messaging, Google Analytics, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS ELB, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, AWS Lambda, AWS SES, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Application Insights etc.

  • Bhalobashar Bangladesh (
    • Responsibilities: Developed functionality to upload/download max 1GB video directly to/from AWS S3 private bucket from the client side. Implemented custom Django authentication and admin panel. Created asynchronous tasks using Celery and RabbitMQ for sending notifications. Also worked on the frontend development.
    • Technology: Python, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS Elastic Transcoder, AWS ELB, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, AWS SES, AWS CloudWatch etc.

  • Marmont Hill Portal (
    • Description: A web application to receive, process and track orders from several payloads.
    • Responsibilities: Maintained and updated REST APIs to collect and track orders. Implemented functionalities for order processing and product import/export.
    • Technology: Python, Django, Django REST, Dropbox API, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS S3 etc.

Technical Skills

  • Language: Python, C, Java, SQL
  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Back-end: Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Celery, Google Firebase
  • Database: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle
  • Message Broker: RabbitMQ
  • Cache: Redis
  • Web Server: Nginx
  • Automation Server: Jenkins
  • Version Control: Git
  • Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Operating System: Linux, Windows