Student Visa in Germany from Bangladesh

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If you are a student interested in studying abroad, like in Germany, this is the right article for you. The student from Bangladesh must register for a Type D German study visa in order to study in Germany. This visa type has been created specifically for students who desire to attend German universities. In Germany, a master’s degree is offered at no cost. However, Bangladeshi students must earn an IELTS score of at least 6.0 and above is better to enrol in school. Full scholarships are available to students who qualify.

For the application process, some questions could arise :

Which program do I apply ?

In the student visa process first you have to decide are you going to apply as a Bachelor program Or Master program.

Undergraduate Students An undergraduate student from Bangladesh has to have an HSC + One-year completion certificate from any Bangladeshi University. A study gap maximum of 1.5 years is accepted. HSC result is not below a GPA of 4.00 out of 5.00.Postgraduate Students Bachelor’s result (Hons. BSc, BBA, BA) not be below CGPA 3. I mean sometimes it depends on the university. Some universities does not care about the CGPA they take some aptitude test if the student can pass the test and then the university give the offer letter.

When does the application have to be completed?

winter semester starting in September/October begins in early May and ends on 15 July. Letters of acceptance are sent out in August/September.

S**ummer semester starting in March/April the application period runs from early December to 15 January.**Letters of acceptance are sent out in February/March.

Rejections are often sent a little later. Private universities may have other deadlines.

How do I understand the Germany Embassy accepts my university?

Which documents are required for my student visa?

  • Passport size photo (white background)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • IELTS Certificate (6.0 min )
  • Medium of Instruction Certificate (for Masters)
  • Two Recommendation Letters (for Masters)
  • Personal letter of motivation stating your career objectives (for Masters’s)
  • All academic certificates & transcripts (2 set photocopies)
  • Attestation of all educational documents
  • Health Insurance (1 year)

How do I apply ?

Do I need German or English language Proficiency?

  1. For English medium Study : IELTS Score 6.0 Minimum more is better
  2. For German language study: B2( German language)

Where I have to open a block account ? How much I have to Block? If I get rejected the visa how do get beck the block amount?

Financial security and tuition fees

Proof of financial resources

In order to receive a study visa for Germany you will be required to present proof of financial resources. This serves as a guarantee that you can afford the cost of studying in Germany. Since January 2023 you are expected to demonstrate funds of 934 EUR per month / 11,208 EUR per year.

Tuition fees

The state finances the majority of higher education institutions in Germany. There are generally no fees for Bachelor’s courses or most Master’s courses at state higher education institutions. Tuition fees may have to be paid for certain continuing education Master’s programmes, but they are not particularly high compared to other countries. Private higher education institutions may demand more substantial fees for their degree programmes.

The Federal State of Baden-Württemberg has however decided to charge non-EU citizens tuition fees of EUR 1,500 per semester for (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diplom and state examination) degree programmes from the 2017/18 winter semester onwards. These fees do not apply to doctoral students. Students who have already begun a degree programme in Baden-Württemberg but did not graduate by the 2017/18 WS will not be subject to the aforementioned fees.

Semester contribution

In Germany, all students at all higher education institutions must pay a semester contribution. This payment has nothing to do with tuition fees; rather, it covers your contributions to student services and the student government (AStA). At many higher education institutions it also includes a semester ticket that allows you to use public transport in the region. The semester contribution varies between higher education institutions and comes to between 100 and 350 EUR. It has to be paid when you enrol and before the start of every new semester. Whether you incur further costs relating to your studies, for example for materials such as specialist books and copies, depends on your subject.

Average expenses of a German student

  • Rent (including utility costs): EUR 332
  • Food: EUR 154
  • Clothing: EUR 48
  • Transportation costs (car/public transport): EUR 116
  • Health insurance, doctor’s fees, medications: EUR 96
  • Telephone/Internet/radio and TV licence, postage: EUR 32
  • Working materials (books etc.): EUR 24
  • Recreation, culture and sports: EUR 65
  • Total: EUR 867

Document Submission:

On the documents submission time you have to add a motivation letter and be remember this motivation latter is not same the one you have prepared for the admission. This motivation letter will be totally for the German embassy. I mena just show them about you interest and motivation.

Student need to submit travel insurance on the document submission time. Duration of the travel insurance is not fixed studnet can extend it according to the embassy date and time.Health Insurance

What will be the visa interview process?

During the visa interview time, Please take preparation in detail as they try to understand how much motivation you actually have, your future plan, whether you are really going to study or not, what is the purpose of the study, the subject you choose is there any relation to your previous study, about the city you are going, about german culture, about the extra curriculum you took part and so on. Keep all kinds of information and give them the feeling that you are a student and your main aim is to go for study. 

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