The Tech I am Using

I'm constantly looking for the ideal tools of the trade because I'm a productivity and technology freak. An ever-updated list of my favourites can be found on this page.

My Preferred Gear

☎️ Phone

Normally I was a big fan of Samsung, and I have been using Samsung since 2010 to 2020. after using 10 years, I wanted to do an experiment to move with iPhone 13 pro. Now My daily driver is the iPhone 13 Pro. in last tow year I already become a great fan of iPhone. Even I decided to move to the apple ecosystem. Because I’m so entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever switch away from iPhone unless there’s a new Android that’s so compelling that it’s worth leaving behind the synergy between devices (iMessage, Airdrop, Apple TV integration, and a dozen other things).

📒 Notebook & ✒️ Pen

Although I favour primarily digital apps, Now a days I am practising to use regularly my favourite notebook. I always by notebook where I can attached the pen together then I don’t have to think about the pen. Scientifically proven that it always better to write something in notebook which helps to improve our brain functionality.

⌨️ Keyboard

Recently, I have been using a BK10 i-Clever Bluetooth wireless keyboard. I am a big fan of this keyboard because this keyboard has a particular function that helps me connect three devices simultaneously. As a content creator, I am using different devices at the same time. So this keyboard helps me switch different devices by pressing a button. If you are interested you can buy it here I have an affiliate link.😁

📝 iPad

I have been using Ipad mini since 2014. my opinion is Apple devices help people become more productive. I am using an Ipad mini for my daily business, like short writing and reading books, as it is easy to carry. Day by day, I am feeling to buy an 11-inch iPad Pro where I Will be able to edit videos as well.

⌚️ Apple Watch

These days, I rock the Apple Watch Series 4 as my daily driver. It’s definitely in the nice-to-have bucket, rather than the this-is-life changing one. It’s somewhat useful for paying for stuff with Apple Pay, and dictating stuff into Drafts. Oh, and checking the time.

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